Saturday, June 19, 2010

Help, I'm Brilliant!

I washed a diaper. I'm not talking about the cloth diapers that you're supposed to wash which would have had a far better outcome - good for you moms who chose your cloth dipeys. I washed a disposable, throw it away after one use kind of diaper, in the washing machine. Pampers, to be exact. The result? Thousands of tiny little gel beanie particles all over every piece of article that was put into the wash. How did this happen? Well, we have a diaper genie on one side and the baby's hamper on the other. Instead of throwing away (thank goodness it appears to have been a wet diaper instead of a poopie diaper!) the diaper, ended up in the hamper because YES, I AM THAT BRILLIANT! (If you look at the first photo off this entry, you'll know what I mean...) Fantastic, isn't it? I never realized how HUGE a diaper can grow in size when they have a full drink of endless amount of water. It bloats. Look at that thing!
When I realized what I'd done, I wanted to sit on the kitchen floor and cry while staring at my washing machine. Then I took one look at that stupid bloated diaper, and well, what can ya do so I took pictures of it instead to share my funny of the day with you. I'm currently running my washer for the third time with salt and oxi-clean because that's what google told me to do and you know, google knows everything? I'll probably be up most of the night now re-running the wash and boiling all the stuff that was in there until I feel better about growing stupid.

Here was my day before the above disaster:

That below is our bouncer seat. This is where she eats. The bouncer didn't have a seat all morning because she wanted to pour all her cereal onto it. That's what it looks like naked:

So she had to finish her breakfast here on a real highchair. That's her chewing on her banana toothbrush while mommy goes and makes another bowl of cereal for her. Doesn't she look all sorts of innocent?:

Then over last weekend, our little friend Brian...

showed us he can hold his own bottle so we tried it too:

But like most days.... it was all fun times (minus my diaper washing incident - wasn't really all that funny to me at the time, but I'm over it. It's okay. I'd laugh at you too if you did the same):
She's so super cool!

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