Wednesday, June 30, 2010

She is...

6 months today!
To my little band-aid (because you fix everything that hurts): What I realized today is that I keep comparing you to how small you were when we first brought you home, but in truth, you are still pretty pint-sized. The bones in your fingers are still so little, so fragile. Your entire arm is only the length of my own hand from the tip of my thumb to my pinky; your feet barely the length of one finger. You still cry when something scares you or if you can't see me from behind the kitchen wall. You are slowly becoming quite the character. Any time I try to catch you on video, you stop whatever it was that you were doing and put on this great big innocent smile. You've stuck your toe in your mouth a time or two (eeew) and you are starting to sit on your own as of yesterday. Not for very long, but long enough. You gurgle and have learned to blow spit bubbles. Lots of them. You especially do this when I leave you alone for too long or if mommy is trying to feed you something and you're feeling full. I'm convinced daddy taught you this even though I'm pretty sure he'd say it wasn't him. You started laughing at anything and everything. Not only do you know how to turn over onto your belly, you know to turn back, and you can now turn to both sides. You've come such a long way, little girl, and there are so many more days I am looking forward to as you reach your little milestones and all your very first everythings.  

I was putting her to sleep today, and she was putting up such a fight that I finally gave up and cradled her to sleep, and realized, she really is still so little. Happy 6th month!



  1. happy 6 months leah!!! You say she's still so small and ofcourse she is, but i love that I can hold her without feeling she's like a fragile little thing. I can't wait till she walks! lol jk

  2. Aww thanks Leah! I love sharing the day with you!