Friday, June 11, 2010


So the place we used to call home is now officially Leah's playground. In fact, it's a playground for all infants really. Feel free to come on by with your little one (if you have one)! That empty slot between the dresser and the swing? Well, it's been filled with yet another baby gadget. All we're missing is a slide (which I'm not too sure we won't be getting at some point). This is what used to be our living room. Now....

Then of course, that red thing sticking out in the bottom left corner of the picture above? It's a playpen so she can't get out because she is definitely becoming more and more mobile and I would still need to get stuff done around the house. I didn't realize how ginormous this thing would be when I ordered because it actually folds to be quite compact. I love it, but it sure does take up a ton of space....

And while I'm not thrilled about the jumperoo thing, I caved. I caved because she gets bored of her swing, of her floor playmat, of her little monkey monkey and she gets bored sitting in her bouncer watching me walk back and forth working my way around the kitchen. So yes, I caved, and you know what? She loves it and that's worth it to me. She has one more thing to play in. That gives me an extra half hour a day to get something done....

She's still a little short for it, so I had to stick a pillow underneath her so she can actually do some jumping. This is what filled the slot between the swing and the dresser. Most days, she seems content just eating whatever is on the tray thingamabobber....
At the very least, she will be using it until she learns to crawl out of things.... *Sigh*

Oh! Oh! Oh! And we are officially registered for Mommy and Me Swimming as of June 27th!!! I'm so super excited I count down the days. Yes. Seriously. I do. Mommies take your babies here!


  1. I'm going to borrow a baby from someone and fly over to NY for some playtime.

  2. She looks super happy in that jumperoo thing!!!

  3. we love our jumperoo, too!! Hunter gets kick out of it when he's in there~~

  4. I MISS YOU LEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!