Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Reminder List

Most of my friends already know this, but with Squirmy, I want her to myself for a good 3 years before we think about #2, and after that, I don't care in what order they come. Once another baby comes, it will never again be mommy and baby or just a family of 3 with one main focus - HER. As a stay at home mummy, I will always be outnumbered. I want to spend as much time with her one-on-one as I possibly can. This sounds unfair to #2, #3, and #4, but it is true. Anyway, by then, the days of counting how many ounces of formula or cereal Leah takes per day, or how often she takes her bottle or what time of day I give her solids will be a blur, I think. So, I've kept a little journal of how often she eats, but I think I will start on a mini-journal of all the little things I use on a daily basis with her. You don't think about the type of teether (texture); burp cloths (absorbent? soft? terry? flannel?); cloth wipes (absorbent? stain resistant? texture?); bibs (must be somewhat water resistant once they start teething or you go through 12 outfits a day - frustrating for mommy and baby!); the stores that sell them and the stores that do not. These are not your first thoughts as a first time parent when starting a registry for a new baby-to-come. You focus on furniture, decor, color theme, animal theme, the kind of bassinet and/or crib you want, baby monitors, etc. The thing is, the little stuff I use day to day are really what gets us both started on an easier path than it would otherwise. I got to thinking about this because my co-worker is having her first in September, and she was asking for suggestions. So I thought about all the things I use for her daily and why. Then I realized, I may not remember all this by the time I have another baby. Anyway, I want this little girl to myself for as long as I can before my clock really starts ticking, and you know what, I luckily do have some time before then. Anyway, since my city-dweller friend has been complaining about how lazy I've become with updating photos lately when she doesn't get to see Squirmy as often (as if this were MY fault somehow) here are some pics:

I love these little toes....


  1. yes, it's def. your fault for living so far away from me =) leah misses me!!

  2. haha! Liana, you have to just come back where you belong (:

    Val, you have to keep a record of everything b/c we're all going to end up coming to you for advice & suggestions.