Saturday, June 26, 2010

Look At Me!

Squirmy is definitely growing her own little personality. She's rather easy going, very silly and so, so happy. Everything is so new and funny to her. Even the same old walk down the same old block seems to be a thrill for her. Today wasn't anything special. We took a trip out to Babies R Us and Target, but it was such a fun day.

That's her chew toy bear (I just made it sound like a dog toy). It's a teether bear. The bear makes these crinkly noises and his paws are made of plasticky teether things. She was playing with it, dropped it on herself covering her one eye and she just started cracking up by herself:

She also finds it funny to flip over on her belly mid-diaper change. Maybe it's my reaction to it. She can't seem to help herself. If she's laying down, she needs to be on her belly. Even if it means 5-minutes later she'll be whimpering because she's tired of having to hold her head up. She knows how to turn back over. She just ... won't. Silly girl.

Squirmy: "Food?! That's my food, isn't it??? *pant pant* That's my bottle!"

She can sit for about 30 seconds. That's a pretty long time I think for a baby that has no self back support, but she's never happy doing the tripod. In fact, a second after this photo was taken, she was getting a bit angry.

"Mommy, please stop making me do the tripod. It's sooooo annoying" (Guess who she picked that up from?).

This here was what she was wearing as a dress today. We were about to take a bath when it got stuck on her head while I was trying to pull it off because she was leaning on it and she flew into a fit of giggles, which got me started, and so she sat with her dress flipped over on her head until mommy finally stopped laughing to get it off. The photos are a little shaky because I was laughing pretty hard at this point. It wasn't all that funny, but it was definitely one of those "laughter is contagious moments". She started giggling, I started laughing, then she started laughing, and we were both just cracking up:

These are the times you just so enjoy being a mommy.


  1. Ditto to Liana's comment! This definitely made me laugh! She is too much! I love it!