Friday, June 25, 2010

Who Taught You That?

Okay, so her 6th month is approaching, and can I tell you? Babies do the strangest things, and you have no idea where they pick it up. It's a nature-brings-it-on type of thing. At one point about a month ago, she started yelling. I don't mean just yelling loudly. The shrieking at the top of her lungs, ear piercing, aching type of yelling. I let it go a few days. Even found it amusing. Then I just couldn't stand it anymore. It began to sound something like a non-stop tire screeching, and as cute as I think she is, it is not the most pleasant thing to listen to ALL day. So I started tapping her lightly on the mouth every time she would begin shrieking. In the beginning, I felt bad, but when I didn't do it, her shrieking started to get louder and louder and I was ready to start doing some shrieking of my own if she didn't stop. Anyway, after about a week, she got the point. Now she makes this little "bahhhhh" sound instead. It's not loud. She just kind of calls out for you. Who knows what she's actually saying because I'm convinced all babies have a language of their own. I honestly feel that when she's bahhh-ing or guhhhh-ing, it actually means something. Knowing what those sounds mean is a different story. Then as of a week ago, she started smacking her lips together and making this smooching sound whenever she was done eating or whenever she's happy - which is really almost all of the time except when she's hungry. It's hilarious. Yesterday (or it may have been the day before) I woke up to this "PLLLLLL" sound over the monitor. I was still half asleep at this point. Wondering what that sound was, I grabbed the monitor and just stared at it for a while. This little girl is laying in her crib blowing spit bubbles going "PLLLLL". I go into the nursery to get her, and she gives me this big old grin, but she is SOPPING wet. I mean her entire top is wet from all the spit bubbles she was blowing to entertain herself while sleepy mummy was taking her sweet time getting her daughter out of her caged crib to feed her breakfast. I don't know where they pick this stuff up, but I have to say, it's fun. Everyday she does something new, and you can't help but wonder, where does she get it? I have a video of her doing this, but it's of course on my phone and I don't know how to work the thing to properly load it onto this thing... so... yeah. You'll just have to take my word for it. I'll leave you with my favorite time photo instead:

Her bathtime is part of her bedtime routine every night. I soap her up one day and give her a bird bath the next. It started off as a routine for her to know bedtime. It does its magic truly, but it ended up that I love this part of my day too much to stop doing it. Today I realized, she's getting big so quickly and she may not fit into this tub much longer.... *sniff sniff*

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