Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Baby Donations

Baby items, that is. No, please do not drop off any of your babies for donation. All items must be in good and current (enough) condition. It's not much, but you MAY get 25% in cash of the cost of the item if you're too cheap to donate for free. Clothes, gadgets, toys, blankets, baby gear - carriers, strollers and the like. They can be dropped off here or if you're not too far out of the way, picked up by yours truly - so do email me. It's for a good cause. For those of you who do not have kids, ignore me. For those of you who do have kids, but just don't feel like it, get off your lazy a$$es and do something good this winter. Thanks bunches! No photos. I haven't gotten off my own lazy arse to do any of the photo taking and loading. I'm working on it!