Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy Birthday, Hunter!

I think we are done with first birthdays for a while. It has been a crazy, crazy period of about a year. Baby boom galore. It was shower after shower. Then when the kiddies started coming along, birthdays after birthdays. 

A truly big, big thank you to Corina. I am still sucking on those lolli-cakes you brought me. MMMMM~

And the birthday boy, happy as ever. Happy Birthday, Hunter! Sorry, Phil. Your head got cut off here... But then, it was Hunter's day after all. Not Hunter's DAD'S day, ya know?

She looks a tad frumpy here, but really, she was just being nosy. She wanted to see what was going on past daddy's camera

My little Trooper

All in all, it was a great time, but I have to say - these parties can be draining. The little Jellybean goes to noone. That leaves mommy on patrol from the moment we leave the house right up until the moment we return. She won't sit still, but she won't let anyone else hold her - EVER - anymore. On the flip side, while she gets a bit clingy, I can't complain too much because it can be so much worse and it seldom gets to that point. Despite the fact that she was exhausted and we didn't get home until well past her bedtime, she was truly a great sport. Good job, Jellybean. Great party, Kang-er Family!


  1. Oh i like her hambok.. is that the new stylish version of the hambok that I hear is the thing in Korea these days?

  2. @Liana Kim Yes. It was really pretty. =) It's that whole modern hanbok thing

  3. lol sorry I misspelled hanbok... anyway, can you post a video of leah? thanks!