Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Of the thousands of baby items used (not including apparel), sampled, bought, returned within the one year that Little has been alive, there have only been 3 4 things I have purchased for her that I did not regret buying. The snap n go, the ventaire bottles and her carseat (add to that the joovy room2. It's the thing that holds Squirmy so that I can shower most mornings). Everything else, I've used or kept because there was nothing else to replace it with that was better. The folks that make the majority of baby things must not be moms. Strollers and diaper bag designs are my biggest complaints.

Let's start with the diaper bags. My jujube weighs in at 4-pounds. EMPTY. Add a few diapers, a change of clothes, her toys, food, snack and bottles, some spoons, bibs, and burp cloths, a small blanket and my wallet, there's 7-pounds for ya. This is what I have to carry around with me while toting a 20 pound kid and an 18 pound stroller. What the hell are you people thinking when you're making this stuff??? Pockets are great! Thermal bottle holders are fantastic! All pretty damn useless if you can't use the bag, though. That's a complaint of only one of the thousands of diaper bags that exist, that I have bought returned, bought returned, bought returned.

Now, on to the stroller rant. Moms carry a ton of crap. Make the basket fit all the things the mommies need to carry. Oh, wait, they exist don't they? But the strollers that come with decent storage weighs more than my kid! So I get a lightweight stroller that fits nothing and have to buy a crap ton of accessories to hang off the stroller to make everything fit because while there is a basket, it doesn't fit half the stuff I need and what I can shove into what they call a basket, it is impossible to get out because what I need is almost always stuck at the bottom of all the other stuff (although, to be fair to the non-mommy stroller/diaper bag manufacturers out there, this was less of a complaint during the past warmer months as I didn't have as much luggage. That, and my baby weighed half of what she weighs today and wore less clothes). Maybe Yes, I'm neurotic, but I don't think my personal issues are the problem here. The mechanics of this stuff is just all wrong. Dammit.

K, Vent over.

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