Wednesday, January 5, 2011

One Step Back

We made progress. We did. She was off the bottle for a good part of the day. I would give her one or two of the 4 bottles and replaced the others with a straw sippy. She was fine. All of a sudden, the whole milk thing happened and a) she no likey whole milk so much and b) she no likey her sippy anymore either. I caved because she wouldn't eat and gave her a bottle. Drats! Once she was completely off the bottle, I intended to wean her of the binky. Looks like we took a step back. Ah well. The thing is, it secretly makes me happy and not so happy at the same time. It's work trying to get your kid ready for the next steps of her milestone stage. Taking away of the bottles and binky really ends the "baby" stage, and I'm not ready for that toddle being stage yet, except that she's already there. She's gotten so big in what seems like such a short amount of time, and I don't really know where exactly it all went, and a part of me misses it. I love the right now of where Squirmy is. She's active, she communicates, the girly girl side of her is so, sooo endearing and she's at a very fun stage, albeit rather exhausting. But every so often, -- okay, everyday really, I look down at her sleeping form and wonder where the time went from being baby to such a big little girl.


  1. Her eating chair thingy is so executive looking!

  2. hahah executive looking, it really does with the leather!

    Wow the last pic makes her look so big! Can't believe she's walking now *tear*

  3. @Louise I'm pre-conditioning her =)

    @Liana Kim I know =( I'm so sad...

  4. V - I think she's already your boss.