Sunday, January 16, 2011

Baby Processer

You ever wonder what your baby is trying to say when they're babbling "gah" "bah bah" "mumumum". I mean, they must mean something, yes? Squirmy will point to an object and enthusiastically say "bah bah bah bwwah!" and seem disappointed somehow when I am staring back at her with a blank look on my face so I try to quickly recover and smile, but by then, the moment has passed. This is one of the many reasons why I thought to teach her sign language - to understand some of this indecipherable language. I want to know what she is talking about! Anyway, until only a week ago, she was mimicking signs rather well, but it was pretty clear that she didn't really know what she was signing all of the time. She was limited to "more, milk, and all done" which she got right away, but signed a lot of other things at random times. For instance, she would throw the ball across the room, sign potty and start clapping super excitedly; or, eat a cracker and sign hat. Then when I least expected, as I was showing her a picture of my friend's new daughter and said "Look Leah, Baby!", she looks over at me in that moment and signs "baby". Now the words, the signs and its meanings are coming together in her little brain, and it's so exciting to watch. Babies are pretty amazing creatures and I am all the more convinced that they know so much more than we big people give them credit for.

Snow Bunny!

Doesn't she look so determined?

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