Thursday, September 9, 2010

Baby Coming Through!

Never in my life did I imagine I would be living in a home that looks like the rainbow alphabet threw up all over every inch of the floors. I've arranged and re-arranged, then re-arranged again our living room hoping something decent would come of it. It didn't work, but it is definitely functional so I suppose I can't complain. The most important thing is that I can keep her from rolling herself down a flight of steep stairs. What I can't keep her from is husband's PS3. I debated on letting her eat it, but I can't imagine "Modern Warfare" having any nutritional value. Besides, I have to change the poopies diapers. She surprises me with enough foreign objects i.e. tissue, wipey pieces and magazine or something colorful print pieces. Oh the joys~

Disclaimer: I do not let my baby play with wires on a regular basis (only for photo taking purposes and for proof when one day the playstation no longer works - husband can't say it was I who destroyed his prized possession)

P.S. Husband, we may need a new CD player because the one we have isn't going to last very long and I don't want to move it.


  1. hmm.... they have the new Playstation 3 Slim for $299.....

  2. omg her little onesie is so freaken adorable. I miss you leah!!!

  3. Perhaps, Leah should be an engineer when she grows up.