Monday, September 6, 2010

What Are You Wearing?

What is your every day outfit? As I'm typing this, I am wearing something like an 8 year old pair of yoga pants I bought forever ago off the clearance rack at the Gap with an orange t-shirt I got for free because my friend is moving and gave them to me for Leah to chew on and drool all over. She's had it I don't know how long because I know for a fact her ginormous boobs (jealous) wouldn't fit into these. It's also faded and it's the best ever. This is my day to day look. Frumpy? Maybe. Do I care? I live behind four walls in what used to look like a home, but now resembles something of a nursery/infant playground. By the way, I re-arranged all our furniture, but that's a whole different kind of crazy to discuss possibly another day. Back to what you're wearing. Is it Theory? Is it Gucci? Prada? Ralph Lauren? Burberry? Yes, those exist somewhere in the back of my closet. No, not the entire closet (I am relatively sane in that area), but few that I do treasure even though I probably don't fit into them anymore. Realistically, even if I did, I now have nowhere to go wearing them. Are you one of those people who have to wear suit pants to go buy formula and diapers with your face and hair all made up? I'm not. You're lucky I showered. But I honestly do heart the finer things in life. More accurately, I did. For the most part, my clothes for work and play pre-baby, they were collected since I was 16 and really started to care about not looking like I was 16. Luckily (or unfortunately - depending on perspective), I've been about the same size since (I go with unfortunately, but that's neither here nor there so moving on). I did get to wear them for a good long time. Today, my Little has outfits that cost more than my day to day wardrobe combined. When I was pregnant, I collected every piece of hand me down clothing given to me from the older babies figuring I would just pick up some stuff for her if I really needed to here and there. Big, Huge, Very LOUD Ha-Ha. Jokes on me because you know what? That is so very not the case. Especially because she's a girl and baby clothes do not come cheap. I turned out to be that mom who (sometimes) goes and buys that ridiculously expensive (even for big people clothing standards) sweater/dress/top/bottom/hat/ that's not on sale, that the Little will wear all of 3-6 months at best, that she really didn't need, but when you're walking by a store front and it just looks so damn adorable on some child mannequin, You (I) can' For the most part, yes, I do buy things at a much, much more reasonable price (whatever that means by children apparel department definition) but I get tempted. Who doesn't want their baby looking all sorts of cute in the best of lines? I am guilty. Very. I have made some not too bright purchases in regards to this, but you know, I wouldn't have it any other way (sorry husband and future children). Even if that means I will be wearing these $10 yoga pants for another 8 years and my free t-shirt will by then have holes in them because I can't afford new clothes. Backwards? A lotta bit.

Leah: "My Godmommy is uber crajy .............................." (Really, she is)

And this...

...was my weekend. How was yours?

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