Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What? Huh? Oh.

That seems to be my response to many things as of late. I remember n.o.t.h.i.n.g. I mean, I still have a great memory as to things relative to the past, but as far as anything recent (recent being the last 8 months or so) I haven't a clue. Noggin no worky so goods. Unless somehow it has something to do with the Little. I guess that's what it means to become a parent? I derno. I do know, however, that being a parent means your memory compartment becomes... well, compartmentalized. Know what I mean, ... jellybean? I know what time my baby had all her bottles this week (never quite the same time everyday), what time she ate her solids (never the same time), what time I changed her last diaper before putting her to bed (this entire week), I can answer you without having to shuffle around my memory noggin long. Ask me what I did this week, and I can tell you what I did... today. Yep. Just today. Maybe a little of yesterday, but beyond that, your guess is as good as mine. It's not a far stretch to say I feel pretty dumb around fellow big peoples because I feel like my brain went through shrinkage, but it sounds nicer when I convince myself that "I didn't grow dumb. My thoughts and memory boxes have just shifted". Yes. Shifted. It sounds a whole lot nicer than "Wow, I'm losing it" which is mumbled to self daily. That is another purpose of this blog. I can actually READ back to what I did should I need a memory refresher. On to more important things: Photos.

I am pretty rigid about putting Little to bed and keeping to her schedule. Almost to a fault. (Almost. Not quite). Anyway, it was after all Labor Day (yesterday), officially marking the end of summer so I thought it might be okay to bend the rule for the night (which basically happens nearly, well, never) to join everyone at Tommy and Julia's for our last summer barbeque. Her bedtime is 7PM. We left the house at about 7:30 and didn't get back until close to 10PM. And you know what? *GASP!* The world didn't end. She clung and wouldn't let anyone else hold her the entire night, but the world did not end. And for as long as she was stuck on me, she was pretty content as well. Would I do it again? Ehhhhh......

This is her a little upset because someone tried to hold her and walk away

This is her reclaiming her spot on me and clinging. Content here, but clinging.

Here's Daisy (pup) trying to eat Hunter (human baby). Why we have photos of Hunter, but none of his face, is a question to be answered by husband. We have 3 photos of Hunter from the neck down or just the top of his head. Why, husband? Is it because he tried to pet Leah?:

Here's Ryan trotting around the backyard. Yes, honey, we know you're the boss around here:

That marks the end of summer 2010 for us. It's too bad, but a part of me is definitely looking forward to some non-95 degree/200% humidity weather. Ask me when it's snowing out if I'm happy I got what I asked for and I will curse you, but I'm definitely enjoying what smells and feels to me like Fall approaching.

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