Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bronx Zoo

Another one down, the zoo, from my list with just a few more places to go and only a few more weeks of nice enough weather to take advantage of to get there. Not many pictures of our day in that when you go alone, there's only so many pictures you can ask strangers to take of you together, but plenty of Little with silly hats on at the Zoo store, because, you know, I'm crazy and she can only do with looking funny for so long. Oh, by the way, I spent $7 on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, $9 on a hotdog with nothing on it and a $4 (?) iced coffee for lunch. Next trip, must remind self to pack self's own stinking lunch. When did everything become so expensive? Maybe I was just less aware of it before, but for about a 3 hour (possibly 4) day trip to what is just a really big park with a bunch of animals living in it, I spent $16 on admission, $20 on what barely passed as lunch, $13 to park my car myself. Holy cow. The $4 spent at the children's zoo, however, was worth it. If the lunch were for Little and not myself, that would have been worth it too except it wasn't. I should have waited until I got home. I could have bought her a bunch of hats with it instead. No, I didn't buy any of the ones she's wearing. Just 1 normal-ish one. :) I was good.


  1. $7 on a PB and J sandwich..... Holy bajeezus.

    Move to Iowa hahaha

  2. i dont wanna be cow tipping for fun. you enjoy it for the rest of us living in civilization.

  3. Actually, Iowa City is pretty cool. It's like a mini metropolitan city. I think you would like it. Lots of families live here.

    ...Can you tell how much I want you to visit me....???