Thursday, September 2, 2010

In 8 months...

she has learned to: crawl, to sit, to test mommy, to know the different tones of my voice, understand what she should and shouldn't be doing, understand what "no, please don't touch that" means (not that she actually listens to it, but she does know what it means), respond to her name, take things off lower shelves and bang them together before trying to stuff them in her mouth, feed herself, what "dirty" means because she will stop trying to eat whatever it is, crawl around the house and understands that she definitely owns this house (at least all of the living room anyway). She has become a person all her own. She is so expressive of her likes and dislikes. She laughs and smiles so so much it makes my heart swell. It's fun and exhausting. It's mostly filled with lots of smiles throughout the day. Some days a little less, but plenty of smiles nonetheless. It's a far different life than the 15 hour work days, the traveling and going out with hub or friends just because I feel like it. I schedule everything according to my little. My days revolve around her feeding, peeing, pooping, sleeping, napping, playing and cranky times. And you know what? It's a lot more fun. A whole LOT more fun. Even the bad days. On a different note, yes, I've been lazy. So here are some updates in the photo department:

This was the only way I can get a decent picture of little with her month 8 sticky. She's SUCH a squirmy, it's close to impossible to get a still photo of her.

Turns out little has also learned to read without my knowing

And of course, what's a day without her trying to eat what she's holding

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