Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Idiot Talk

Real conversation I overheard getting out of my car, "Yo, nigga, where's you goin'?".  I turn around and there's a super pale white dude with blond hair yelling across the street at his other less pale but still blond headed friend. Anyone else see anything wrong with this picture? I get it, we live in New York and everyone speaks some form or matter of slang. So the less pale dude responds with something I couldn't quite make out and the first one says back "Word, son?". I was cracking up. First of all, I'm not big on slang. Yes, I go along making up my own words, but there's a huge difference between silly and plain old stupid. Anyway, back to the two imbeciles. First of all, the term "nigga" is derogatory in every sense but I'm not all insanely "proper" so whatever, but there is that. What's worse is that it's actually beyond ridiculous when there's a white boy calling another white boy "nigga". I bet they had blue eyes to boot. I also get that the term "word" is something equivalent to "really" in real people language. Then just say that because when you look like you're somewhere around 30+ years old saying things like, "where's you" (they obviously got too lazy to stick the 'are' in there) and "word"... it just becomes idiot talk and someone is laughing at you. Probably me. I would hate for Leah or any of my future children speaking that way. Idiots. I may sound snooty saying this, but it sure beats sounding like an eee-deee-uht.

Can you picture the sound of that coming out of this little girl? I would die.
That's a "mommy, I'm stuck, help me" face.

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