Thursday, September 23, 2010

What the Freaking... WHAT?

I'm sure everyone knows about the Similac (powder) formula recall. Yes, they were recalled because apparently, there were particles of beetles and larvae during production. Oh, but don't worry because it's "ONLY the ones purchased in Guam, Puerto Rico, the United States and 'possibly' some of the surrounding islands". Not my words. Abbott's. Anyway, I'm gifted and always really brighty? I didn't realize I was running out of Similac Sensitive for my Little (but have 2 cases of the Similac Regs - go figure) so I take a drive out to Babies R Us to pick up just two bottles to hold her over until our next shipment gets delivered which will probably be in a few days. I'm waiting on line and yes, it was taking forever but I'm playing with Little patiently waiting my turn. Behind me is a lady with a boy of maybe 2 years old. He's holding a bottle, but he's not really drinking out of it. Just sort of playing with it in the way babies do when they're full. I guess he spilled some on the tray of his stroller since all of a sudden I hear the mom say "stop SPILLING! You put it ALL OVER THE TRAY!" and keeps hollering/shrieking at the poor kid who is staring at her with no expression on his face. He looked maybe 2 years old. Gee Lady, I think he got the point after you SCREAMED IN HIS FACE the first time. Sheesh! After the little episode, we were just back to waiting on line because yes, it was moving that slowly. She begins yelling again. I turn around to see what the problem is this time, and *shock* she's yelling at me! I'm sure she meant to yell TO me, and not AT me, but when you're starting to walk towards me with your face all red and well, yelling profanities, chances are I'm going to think it's directed at me. Turns out she was yelling about how poor the *bleep bleep* service is and how they should get more *bleep bleep* people working the counters *bleeeeeep*. I couldn't even respond in that I was trying not to laugh in her face. I don't know if that scenario sounds at all funny in writing, but it was pretty hilarious in person. I was waiting on a line behind what was probably about a half a dozen people and there were about a dozen other, maybe more, standing in the customer service line and everyone including the clerks and the people who were still shopping went on freeze mode with the exact same expression on their faces. It took all I had in me not to start cracking up, but wow, talk about public rage. And I just happened to be the lucky person standing in front of crazy mom person. She actually said 'Bye' as I was done paying for my things while she was literally shoving her stuff on top of the counter before I was even done collecting my shopping bags. Why do I always get stuck with the crazies? Fun-ness.

P.S. this is how much my Little loves her puff snacks. She wears them on her butt butt =)

Oh, honey bunchkin...

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