Thursday, September 9, 2010


Anyone need any? I ordered from Fresh Direct and somehow 3 different types of potatoes got added on to the cart and if I cancel the order I get charged the full price and not get any of the potatoes but still have to pay for them (did that make any sense to anyone? who with the boggled mind makes up these rules?). Yes, they charge you full price if not cancelled before their time "window" which is 11:00 PM the night before deliver date, which I obviously missed by 2 hours. What in the heck am I gonna do with all them 'taters? Another one of my brilliant moments. Photos and funner (maybe) stuffs tomorrow perhaps. But seriously, someone come take some potatoes home for dinner. This is what I get for being lazy and not going grocery shopping myself. All I really wanted was some milk, juice, yogurt and pork chops. Where'd the potatoes come from and 3 kinds of them? Dammit.
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