Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Girly Stuffs and The Very Not So Girly Stuffs

I love trying different stuffs on her. I can't say she feels the same way while I'm attempting to try said different stuffs, but when I'm done doing her hair, dressing her up or even changing her diaper, she'll look in the mirror and clap. It's like having a doll to play dress up with except she's real! I never played with dolls as a kid. I hated the barbies I used to receive as gifts. In fact, they still scare me a bit, but this? This is awesome, and it helps that she's such a girly one and actually seems to enjoy seeing herself all prettied up.
Aren't pigtails the cutest ever? I love seeing little girls in pigtails. I usually try not to torture her with them because she doesn't stay still long enough to tie up two ends of her hair and if it doesn't come out straight, the anal retentive in me will re-do them until they are straight (enough), but lately she has been patient. Maybe it's because she knows mommy squeals in delight whenever her hair is up that way. The headband is cute too. It would be cuter if she kept it on, but hey, she lets me work her pigtails.


In other news, Husband and I were watching TV the other night. He was laying down on one couch (the shorter one, of course) and I on the full size couch. His feet stick out on the shorter couch because he's tall and my head was in the direction where his feet were.

Me: What is that smell? Do you smell that?

Husband: *Sniff* I don't smell anything

*attention back on the TV*

Me: You don't smell anyth--- *sniff* OH MY GOD! It's your FEET! EEEEEEEEW!!!! What the hell?!?! Your feet smell like bad vinegar!!!

Husband: *Laughing uncontrollably*

Now let me just tell you that Husband, in the years we have been together, has never had bad body odor. I'm not just saying that because he's Husband. His gym buddies will attest to this. He doesn't wear cologne and he doesn't wear deodorant, and while that seems gross, I've never known him to smell bad or even smell much like sweat - as active as he is. He can get home wearing his soggy a$$ clothes right from the gym, and still manage to not smell bad. Until this feet incident, anyway, and it was odd because this was after a shower. Why then, you ask? He forgot his golf shoes one afternoon and wore his sneakers that is NOT meant to be worn in such a way. The result was a mix of sweaty feet, soggy grass and who knows what else (goose poopies?) for 6+ hours in warm conditions that seeped into his sneakers, and the cocktail odor was etched into the fabric. YET he continued wearing them as everything-else-wear. It's a wonder I didn't smell them before. I made him order new sneakers and because he's a hoarder and I don't trust that he will throw the old ones away himself, I am making him bring the smelly ones back home after the gym tomorrow so that I can be sure they end up in the can (outside) and he will only be wearing the new ones. *shudder*

Suffice it to say, I no longer lay near his feet. In fact, I watched TV from the floor a foot away from him tonight. The new sneakers are coming tomorrow. I did, however, get a new pair of sneakers for myself out of it. Marriage is a wonderful thing.

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