Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Other Princess

Yes, she is wearing an apron and holding a wooden spoon - if you were wondering

It's my other princess' birthday this weekend. She is turning two. The thing that bothers me about this is that I held her when she was barely a month old. Tiny pink squirming little bundle that looked human, but wasn't quite human just yet. I think this also was right about when I said "I'm not having a kid any time soon". Jokes on me because I probably got pregnant with my princess that same day considering they are exactly 10 months apart *This is where I roll my eyes at self*. Where do babies come from anyway? How does something come from nothing - then turn a year old, then 2 years old - making me feel like life is too fast and too slow all at once? (Don't lecture me on the birds and the bees. That was not a literal question). I am happy to celebrate my other baby's second birthday and I love her to pieces, but really, did she have to turn 2 so fast? What's the rush??? This also means, my own princess isn't far behind. STOP GROWING UP SO QUICKLY! Gosh. *SOB*

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