Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What Job?

I was texting with a girlfriend of mine after Jellybean fell asleep. Just one of those casual "Hey, what ya doin?". She was on her way home from work. It was a little before 8pm and I say to her "Holy crap! Now?!?" and as soon as I sent it I realized, "Holy crap! That's when I used to get off work or be on the way home from work or even later some nights". I can't imagine it anymore. It seems like a lifetime ago and while I still sort of "work", I don't have to leave my house to do it and it's not a daily thing. It can and maybe even should be, but it's not because I don't have the mental capacity some days to think beyond having to shovel dinner down my throat because I really am just that tired. Anyway, for a moment, I thought back to the days of grabbing a drink or a bite to eat with a co-worker or friend after work and remembered how fun it can be. Then that led to the memory of walking over 4 LONG Avenues and 2 blocks in the bitter, bone chilling cold to catch the train trudging through ice and slush. THEN I remembered having to walk another 2-5 blocks or more depending on where the car was parked to drive home from the station and the glorious thoughts dissipated rather quickly. When it's cold, the worst case scenario now is that I have to be a little more creative in entertaining the Jellybean. At least we're warm and our feet are toasty.


  1. @Louise I gots tired of washing her clothes and having to pre-treat every piece of clothing she soils per day. Now I strip her down to her diaper and stick a bib on her.