Thursday, March 10, 2011

Swiff Swiff

Before you start blasting me with hurtful comments like "OMG, Val, your OCD is going to ---" and the like (yeah, Amy, I mean you) I didn't make her do anything. She snatched the thing away and insisted on using the handle part so I even had to shorten it for her and snap one of the metal tubes off. How she knows that's what you're supposed to do with it is beyond me. Kids seem to "get it" without being taught. Anyway, we were blowing bubbles and I had to mop up the soap off the floor. I prefer the steamer, but it gets hot and I get scared of using it when she's around because I am afraid she'll burn herself. So watch without judgment.

and of course, all that cleaning turns into

"Whassa mattuh mommy?"
She doesn't actually really eat much of the jar food anymore unless it's just vegetables (oddly enough) because she likes to make me work so what better way to use it up than to practice feeding her highness self....


  1. Hey! I am not the only one to say that!!! :X
    But I never meant it to be hurtful.. Sorry! :(

    Babies are very sharp.. they pick up & imitate everything their mommy or daddy does... I love the video! I miss herrrrrrrrrrr!

  2. @Amy wuahahahahaha okay you're forgiven. :P I should pretend to be hurt more often!

  3. Leah's a good little helper. Would make mom and grams proud.