Wednesday, March 23, 2011



where we keep all our dishes and bowls, the breakables (higher up where Jellybean can't reach) and all plastic non-breakable snacky pack things, bottles, sippies, etc, on the bottom shelves (where she, unfortunately, can reach because there's nowhere else to put them). I was picking up some of her toys and putting our alphabet tile mat back together (it's been a new thing lately - to pull as many apart as she possibly can) so the house was in some order before heading out. I also just changed her to head out for dinner so I pick those up off the floor to put in her hamper and this is what I found:

And here again, her sleeping form (seems like all she does is sleep based on photos, huh?) after a full day of play.

I would love to take more photos of her awake, playful, cute and even tantrummy to share with you, but I can't. By the time the clicker's gone off, all I've caught is the top of her blurry head or a chubby little hand in the view from her snatching the camera or phone away. I try. I really do.


Entirely off topic, by the way, what exactly is the purpose of (a?) Twitter - "I'm taking a crap in the men's room and someone just walked in on my fart" (I've actually had someone tell me this before so I suppose it's not limited to only Twitter); "I had pizza for lunch today"; "I just cut my toenails and my feet smell funny". Okay, fine, I am sure that is not the extent of it. I can actually even see a useful purpose for it if, let's say, someone is promoting some kind of charity, event, business, or even advertising a blog which I've heard of, but that doesn't seem to be the majority of the case. I don't have one because I'm a jerk and I don't care to be updated about your whereabouts or of your what-doings every 15 minutes or even every hour or even days really - unless you're my kid and I feel I have a right to butt into every minute of your day (just kidding! - maybe) or a good friend to pass time with if I truly just want idle (cyber) conversation - which is undeniably a part of my day (but with real people friends). I also read other blogs to pass time because they're interesting or entertaining or things I can relate to or compare my own notes with, but it seems Twitter is a half paragraph, two-sentence updating type of deal (do correct me if I'm wrong - I really have no clue). Please, someone, educate me. I'm dumb and ignorant, and kind of a jerk. All semi-partial jest aside, I really am curious. If someone has a good answer for it, maybe the someone can entice me into signing up for one myself. Or not. No, not really. Unless of course, it involves someone paying me monies, in which case I would gladly - no explanation necessary pay-me-now-thank-you-please =). I am just curious. Facebook? Okay, you may want to see what old friends are up to, maybe meet some new ones, share photos with family who may live far from home, keep in touch with the people you would like to rebuild some sort of relation/friend-ship with that you otherwise may not have found, network for business, make sure your old boyfriend is uglier and less successful than your current boyfriend - I can see the "Why Facebook". I personally wouldn't want to know a gazillion and three people in one lifetime as I have trouble enough keeping up with my handful of real-life friends but hey, I get it, you know? What's Twitter?


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  1. Gosh. Twitter. Where do I begin?

    I've been a big fan of social networking long before Facebook. So, once I started to understand what Twitter was, I was all about it.

    Yes. Some people use it to tell you what time they go to the bathroom every day. Me? I think of it as a mini-blog. I have a personal account that's not open to the public and most of my followers are friends I know in real life. Most of my posts are short, snarky little rants. Then, I have my public account attached to my blog. I use that account to let my followers know when I've written a new blog post (it is the first place I post the blog, actually) and mommy-centric things that are too short for an actual blog post - short funny stories, links to articles I've read, etc.

    Twitter is like a mini version of Facebook or a blog. But, honestly - if it isn't for you, don't worry about it. Like all social networking, sometimes it's more trouble than it's worth :)

  2. @The New Mom on the Blog Ya, me thinks to pass. I was just really curious as to what the fuss was all about. =)