Sunday, March 27, 2011


"I don't know the bad you deal with. I only know of the good things because that's all you seem to show and speak of".

That's because there is no "bad". There's a bit of the hard, yes, even a bit of the frustrating and the lonely, (which I do talk about so that is a lie, liar), but there isn't really the "bad". I suppose you can argue that those are the bad parts of being a parent, a full-time mommy, but those things to me aren't bad. They come and go quickly and nothing I wouldn't be willing to live with even happily because I get this:

There's nothing that can call this result anything close to bad. It's called blessed and there's nothing I would trade for that right there. Is our house full of only smiles and good moments? Far from it. We dont live in a cloud. We have our share of tears, raising of voices, the scolding, tantrums and even blood as of late (sigh), but the smiley, giggly and laughy moments cancel out all of it and you forget why you were so mad. I mean, her entire face scrunches up into itself. How do you stay mad? When asked "how's it going" I can only answer you with a "couldn't be better". It also has a lot to do with that you're asking when nothing is the matter and we are having just a wacky, busy, regular day.


  1. Fifth picture down. Just about died. She is PRECIOUS :)

  2. omg these are what I needed on a Monday morning

  3. @The New Mom on the Blog Thank you. :) That's the scrunchy face that kills me!

  4. @Louise And that is why you shouldn't uhm use stuffs that you have to scrape out to avoid making your own scrunchy face baby