Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tickle Me Happy

Today was date night. And by date night I mean date night for all three of us. Our funny little family enjoying a rare dinner out at a restaurant - together. Even the Jellybean seemed to know it, as happy as she was, that it was a treat. I saw her gradually getting tired - pulling her hair, excessively drooling, rubbing her face and all but trying to pull her eyelashes out as we waited to be served - and still she was full of smiles and flirted with everyone surrounding our table without so much as a whine or tantrum brewing as it often does when she's getting too tired. It was a good night. Not because it was anything spectacular, and let's face it, date night with a baby isn't the most romantical thing to do in the world. In fact, it's probably the farthest thing by definition of the word 'romance' itself, but whaddaya know, I wouldn't have it any other way. Besides that, neither I or Husband have the super cutesy, lovey romantical genes to begin with anyway. Please excuse the quality, or rather, the lack thereof. It was dark in there (Cubana in Forest Hills - super yummers, by the way) and she squirms quite a bit so it's grainy, but the silly smiles and funny faces were genuinely from just having the happies.

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