Sunday, May 20, 2012

Emotionally Charged

Every laugh, every happy tear shed, every regretful tear shed, hugs from old friends and new ones alike, it has been an emotional weekend. It is now Sunday. I am still catching up from Saturday, it seems and I don't know where today has gone. I have a ton to share. I just don't have the right words at the moment to make any sense out of the thoughts I have to do that. Here's a simplified version:

We love you auntie Na-Na.

The end results were stunning and I would do it all over again. I am truly, truly happy for you and E. I know you'll be reading this and there is so much more I would want you to know, but it remains that I think the world of you.

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  1. Aw. You and Leah look so beautiful!

  2. miss you. Thanks for everything <3 Give Leah a big hug for me!!!!!!!!!