Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Note

To my perfect little girl:

You need to know and believe that if I could kiss away every hurt and make it better, I would; That if I could take on all the bad to leave you only the good, I would. There may come a time that mommy can't kiss all your boo-boos to make it better. There may come a time where so many things don't seem fair, but the good doesn't always come easy. It takes time, it takes work, and it takes good people to surround yourself with. It isn't something given, but something earned. And sometimes, sometimes through no fault of your own, plans don't always pan out the way you hoped or the way you wished. You will meet some amazing people to share your experiences with. You will meet those that will be a blessing to share your big, big heart with. There will also come a time you realize, not everyone is good and that not everyone wishes you kindly, and I hope that you grow into someone who is strong enough, confident enough, aware enough to understand that it is their loss and their misfortune to have missed out on what you have to offer because you are a delight in all your coy, bashful, sweet, loving and empathetic ways. I may be doing this all wrong and I wonder often if perhaps I am, but perfection is what I wish for you. Mommy is far from flawless. Quite the opposite in fact, but please know that I strive everyday in hopes that I can be good enough for this; good enough for you - to be able to give you everything you deserve and more and while I may never make it to perfection - I will forever strive to be better so that I may be good enough for you.

Your always grateful mommy.

I don't know why that photo is upside down, and I can't figure out how to turn it so you'll have to settle, folks.

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