Thursday, May 10, 2012

Favoritest Toy Ever

The Bean got herself a nice little ride as a gift (for no reason or occasion because she's 2 and well, she's 2........) that her lazy little butt can sit in and pretend she's doing something to make it go except that's really what I'm doing for her. Some time back, I bought her one of those little yellow cars that were ridiculously difficult to put together for what's meant for a toddler. It was one of those Flinstone cars where she actually needs to use her little legs to make it move except we never did that because she always wanted the floorboard that came with it so I'd push her around the house with it. This one is awesomer because I don't have to be hunched down to make it go and we get to take it outside. I'm thinking I'm going to use this as a main stroller. I should've went for a car with more trunk space, yea?

This is her "C'mon let's get moving" face because I wanted to stop to take a picture of her. How dare I....

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  1. hahah that's such a cute toy. Can I please take her to the park in that?!!?

    1. Let's hurry the hell up and try to set up a day to do it! You're not around very much longer and I'm not flying that out to Cali