Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wuss Dat, Mummy?

Oh my darling baby, I love you, you do know that don't you? But honey, there are some mornings where mommy just cannot answer that question more than 59 times before 9AM. It just isn't possible. Take it down a few notches, will ya?

Our morning commute conversation goes something like this (but much, much longer):

Beanie: "mommy, wuss dat?"

Me: "that's a car baby"

Beanie: "wuss dat?"

Me: "that's a flower, baby"

Beanie: "mommy wuss dat?"

Me: "sighhhh. That's a bus baby"

Beanie: "mommy -"

Me: "L - look! Look! A train!" (attempting to divert Beanie's attention)

Beanie: "mommy, train! Bye bye choo choo. Mommy mommy mommy, wuss dat?".

Le*sigh.... Hahahaha oh the things you love in life! As the lyrics go, "don't know what I did, to earn a love like this, but baby - I must be doin' something right".

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