Monday, December 6, 2010


As I sit in the comfort of my home complaining about the 30242534 chores that "need" to be done, as I sit complaining about bills, about how cold it is outside (it's December and officially winter. It's supposed to be cold.), about some barely noticeable bruise on my palm... As I complain about all the mundane little things in life... I discover something that (again) makes me realize what a brat I am. My little one is snuggled in her room under warm blankets, to wake up to her mommy who will be with her all day to play with her, to snuggle, kiss and hug her. I will be falling asleep cuddled under a warm throw complaining that it's too hot with the heat on and too cold outside. I will wake up to a hot cup of coffee and a refrigerator stocked with anything I wish to eat and still manage to complain that there's nothing in there I want. I will spend my day gazing out the window with my baby and we will giggle, play, laugh, kiss, nap and anything else we wish to do for the day but I will find a reason to complain about how tiring my day is. We threw my 11 month old daughter a party big enough to have been called a wedding, and while it turned out to be more than a perfect day, we still sat and complained about what should and shouldn't have happened, what could have been better, what we wouldn't have done. I am ashamed. So instead, tomorrow, I will be more mindful for how very near perfect life is in our little world compared to so, so, so, many others. It's far too often forgotten, yes? (please Click photo below)

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