Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Where Did You Come From?

Squirmy is not eating, not sleeping, cranky as all hell and wow, bossy. Terrible twos? Did she hit that mark early? She caught a nasty cold last week and it is still lingering, but since that cold she has been a completely different baby. This is not a "my baby is perfect" ramble, but prior to this, she truly has been a very content and easy going kiddy overall. She has always been a great eater. Sometimes I thought too great an eater because I would constantly find foreign inedible objects in her diapers. The last week or so I happen to think the thoughts "you do that one more time, I'm going to beat down your diapered butt" through my head much too often. I don't. I just think it. Which makes me sad because - because - because - I'm not supposed to be going through the woes of the terrible twos until she's TWO! Lies. LIES! She now fights me on eating, throws her bottle straight across the room, throws herself on the floor if I try to take away anything she wants to play with and fake bawls until she's actually crying for real. In addition to which, baby that slept so much that I would find myself checking on her repeatedly fights sleep with every ounce of energy remaining in her and now also demands to be rocked to sleep. Even that took over an hour and a half tonight. The pictures? My attempt to make eating avocados a fun activity for her. It left behind one royally disgusting mess on the floor, on both of our clothes and her face, but at least she ate most of it and ate it happily with no screaming or crying or throwing involved. Has my luck run out? Where did this new baby come from???
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  1. Vaaaal. No human being follows the same developmental route. I guess...try to discipline her without spanking? Also...maybe she's trying to tell you something? Maybe she's still not feeling well?

    I don't know. Don't listen to me because I have no idea what I'm talking about. Just trying to be somewhat helpful...

    Behave, Squirmy!

    PS: She's still cute as a button :)

  2. Uhm, Jen, worry not and don't take it so literally! I don't spank Leah. Ever. It was a rant. =) Silly goose.