Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mommy Care

So I randomly came across a mommy in cyberworld that has a younger baby (6 months?) than Leah who also live somewhere in New York (City) - I think, anyway. Because I want to teach Little a tad bit about independence (this girl is all and only Team Mommy right now and doesn't really have the same interaction with other Little beings as she would in a "school" environment), I wanted to see if I can dig up a little information on part time UPK's, "school-like" daycares, etc. (Nothing crazy. A place that may take Little for two hours a day, once or twice a week) in the area because she (cyberworld mommy) recently mentioned something about looking for a daycare for her daughter and I am under the assumption that she found one. And you know, no response. Then I thought about it some. I wouldn't have responded either. Who wants to share information as to where they leave their precious cargo for the better part of the day to another someone who may or may not be who they say they are? Strike. It's just that I, for the first time in my life have been forced to admit that, Google may not know everything afterall. It is a sad day for me. Oh, Google, how you disappoint me. I should also add to this, I love that my baby is Team Mommy because I'm Team Baby, too. It's really that if it becomes severe dependency, it is unhealthy and I want her to be a good balanced kid, ya know? But after much research and brainstorming, she may still be a little young for it and I need not worry just yet, so I enrolled her into Gymboree instead. This way, she can still learn to play (hopefully, well) with her own age group; understand that Mommy may leave, but Mommy comes back; and for crying out loud, it's okay if Mommy is not in baby's direct vision at all times. It doesn't mean Mommy vanished... Mommy just needed to pee. Playdates are wonderful but because it's in a controlled environment of "comfort", it doesn't have the same effect of having a neutral environment where they are "forced" to learn to problem solve, learn to share, learn to communicate with eachother in a place outside of what they are normally used to. Besides, let's face it, playdates among friends are for us (read: me) big folks as much as it is for the little ones because it makes us (read: me) feel like we (read: I) have someone to relate to that can verbally communicate with you (read: me) instead of throwing their sippy cup at you (definitely, read: me) in response.

Moving onto (yes, we did the cheesy Santa thing):

So, which Christmas card did you get in the mail from us? Oh, you didn't? Sorry, it's because someone (Hi, Unnie! =] I know you're reading. SILENT STALKER!) mentioned that she hates photo cards because she couldn't throw them out without feeling badly so I was trying to save her the trouble, but here are the pics used for the ones that were sent out. Does it feel like Christmas yet? For those normal people who sleep nights, it's snowing out (in New York - Jen, is it also snowing in Cow Town?). It's pretty now, cottony and fluffy, but... my first thought? "Great, just what I need. One more reason to have even less things to do with my super active almost 1-year old".

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