Saturday, December 18, 2010


Yes, we've been lucky. I have been lucky. My kid sleeps well through the night. 6PM to 7AM or 7PM to 8AM. Sure, there are exceptions like the night before where she all of a sudden wants to play while half the world on this side of the globe isn't even awake, but they are very rare. In fact, it's months apart that when it does, I easily roll with it because it's that uncommon. I will schlep my not-yet-slept butt downstairs to entertain her and be her donkey. Yes, there are some nights she wakes up and looks for the binky that popped out of her mouth but she goes right back down after rolling around in search of it as long as she finds it. My kid is an eater. She will eat anything. It doesn't even necessarily need to be edible either. My foam letter floor rainbow mats are proof of that. We went from bottle to sippy (well, 2 of the 4 bottles have been replaced) with nothing more than a big fat sigh as protest. What does she care? It's food. She is, for the most part, an all around, content baby. I take no credit. It's temperament; not parenting. She's not programmed by me. She is just her. Some kids are flexible, some are not. She is in the sleep and food department. Not to say she doesn't want to make me pull all my hair out in other ways because she does, and I'm convinced she wants to give me a heartattack at an early age by climbing and falling and climbing and falling and climbing - yeah you get the point - but the sleep and eating part was a big thing for me and I did get lucky there. Now... dum dee dum dum... I am trying to wean her of the binky, and it is guaranteed to be not so fun. I have been putting it off. At 4 months, I said I would at 5; At 5 months, I said I would at 6. Well it's month 12, and she's still chomping away. Don't get me wrong, she never uses it during the day, but it's surely her sleep aid, and I don't know how to take it away. Yep, I've googled "how to wean your baby off pacifier" and got a gazillion hits, but but but she's never had to cry-it-out anything, and I don't feel like I can avoid it this time around. Luck, where are you?

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