Friday, December 3, 2010

Cranky A$$ Wifey

I am definitely not the greatest of writers. I enjoy it, but I am far from being articulate with my words. Nonetheless, it's always been my "out". Feel up. Feel down. Feel in between. Whatever. I enjoy it. I started this blog to track my new position in life as a mommy. However, along with being a mommy, comes being a wife. I kinda suck at it. I'm not sappy. I'm not very affectionate (ask my husband what it takes to get a hug out of me). I'm sleep deprived and it generally shows. I don't see Husband much because he works, and he's really on his own schedule. So when he does get home, it's after I've been battling with mini-me all day on top of trying to keep the house from falling apart and then having to battle my insomnia every night. It was definitely easier when she was stationary. Now, she's got an opinion and an attitude. Yes, she's still all cute and cuddly and much more funner and honestly, most days, I would like to just sit there and chew on her pudgy little cheeks, but man, there are days I just don't know what to do with her yelling at the most piercing of ranges (where the HECK did she get that???) and wanting to use me as a donkey. It's not exactly lollipops and cotton candy. But today, he walked in carrying dinner because I may be asleep (from not sleeping for the last, oh i don't know, 11 months less a day or two), and with all the cash we needed to put together for this Saturday's wedding birthday party, it hit me again (it does sometimes ya know?) that he works hard. He works hard so that my cranky ass can stay home and chew on our daughter's pudgy little cheeks all day and try to make it my lollipop world, and he fell asleep without my saying thank you because he doesn't expect one and happily, gladly does it anyway. Why? Because he's a great Husband and I think I let him forget that sometimes because I trip over a pair of socks every now and again. So before I forget to let him not forget, here's a big fat thank you, Husband. *wave* - That's for Monday because he so sweetly took off tomorrow to run errands for me because it was going to be cold and he doesn't do the blog reading thing except at work. Thank you, Husband for working your hiny (hiney? - spelling, anyone?) off so I can be a happy mommy to baby and one cranky ass wife. You're super!

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