Wednesday, December 1, 2010


The scatterbrain that I am thought "Hm, gee, possibly if I simplified my life a bit, I may be less of a scatterbrain". Yeah. Uhm, 8 straight hours of intensive labor later, that does not seem to be the case (it also isn't the only reason I felt the need to de-clutter, but you wouldn't care about those details anyway). My genius self almost mixed together the "trash" bin and the "keep" bin, but I've got to say, my house is spotless (for the next few hours anyway)! How many moms do you know with a toddle baby who can declare that confidently? Well, guess what? Our cleaning lady is coming tomorrow. I suppose she can always just... mop some more since you can never really mop too much. My brilliance kills me. 11 month photo of Little to come. I promise. I'm always a day late. Dammit. When did I get to be so smart?

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