Friday, December 17, 2010

Utter Ramblings

I squirted shampoo in my eyeball. That is some serious aim. Well, at least my eyeball is squeaky clean.

The term "busy bored" has never been truer. Yes, it's a made up word. Yes, I made it up when I used to work and things got redundant. Boy, was I wrong because working outside the home is anything but that - in comparison. Yes, I live groundhog day, but I rejoice in the fact that it is at least with a person who always smells like honey and cinnamon and something sweet.

I crack up every time Little walks towards me. She walks like she's a drunk person and who would've thought I would find it to be the cutest thing?

I need to register her for Gymboree. You start losing it after having stayed home for an "x" amount of time.

I haven't slept more than an hour and a half because she woke up as I was about to go to bed - wanting a bottle. And then wanting to play.

Final thought? She's just lucky she's mine and cute. Crud, I'm tired.

Tomorrow begins our Christmas. Yep, we're eager beavers like that.
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