Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's Not Easy Being Baby!

Our heat was out for about 3 days. It started making some really loud, really strange noises and then it kapooted completely late Friday. Maybe it was Saturday? That would make it 2 days. I have no concept of time. They finally got it up and running again last night. We had so many space heaters going at once that the heaters would randomly short circuit something else. I can't say it was horrible, but it certainly wasn't fun. Now Squirmy's got a full blown cold. Can't say it's slowed her down any, but she's got a hacky cough and fountain nose.

It felt cold enough for me to keep a hat on her all weekend layered in all sorts of fleece

Dressed to take a trip to the Ped. This is a size 12-18 months. Should have gone down a size, yeah? She looks mighty toasty in there, but it can't be all too comfortable wearing it when you're pint sized and stuck in a car seat.
We, as adults, often complain about how tough things are - but it isn't so easy being small. You're not allowed to play with anything fun (i.e. forks, knives, garbage cans), people grab you by your arm pits to make you go where they want you to, they dress you funny, and your butt is bare at least a dozen times a day between diaper changes.

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  1. Feel better Leah! The last picture got me. Too cute