Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bath Toys

They have tiny little holes that are supposed to squeak and squirt water out of them, right? I know that water left in the tiny little rubber critters is asking for mold to grow inside the toys that my daughter loves to chew on. That doesn't settle well with me. I would be more than happy to throw them all out, but she loves those things. Another idea would be to replace them weekly, but that of course is just a waste of time, money and time. Did I mention money? Yeah, none of which I'm rolling in. What I did was slit them down the middle so that I can clean them out with a toothbrush every other day and leave them soaking in clorox, drain them, rinse, drain, rinse, drain until my hands are raw and I'm satisfied that they're clean enough and the slits also allow for water to actually drain out of them faster thus less water remaining in them to grow mold except they no longer squeak and the squirty thing obviously doesn't work bc they all have slits straight across their bellies. I prefer to mutilate and violate rubber critters than I do moldy ones obviously, but shouldn't there be an easier way to do this?

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  1. can't you just squeeze-squirt it with watered down bleach 20 times? then squeeze-squirt it with plain water another 20 times?

    also, isn't there a picture of Leah in some Easter outfit that we can look at??

  2. @Louise I can squeeze them 200 times but in the end there's still water in them no? And uh, no, to the Easter pics. None to share :(