Saturday, April 2, 2011


Who doesn't love sales? You know what I DO hate though? I hate that I put off buying something I really need or want, then finally suck it up to buy it, only to find out (the same day) that some other vendor is selling it for 50% off. I bought a hip carrying device which holds the baby up without the bells and whistles of an actual carrier (which has its great uses, but is a bit cumbersome for every day stuffs) and the thing was $80.00. I saw a mommy friend using it and I've always wanted it, thought about it and found reasons why I could do without it -- until yesterday when I really could've used it (my left shoulder wouldn't feel like it's falling out of its socket today). I got the name of the place mommy friend bought it from and ordered one earlier today. Guess what, I just sat down to do some more surfing on the product and what do I see? "50% or more off sale on items JUST FOR TODAY!". Ever go on steep and cheap? They sell one item for a set amount of time and move on to the next. They have things at ridiculous discounts like 65% off on some items. They have a baby site for this stuff and I just happened to catch it for the very thing I needed! So I sent an email to the place I initially ordered the hip-hangy-thing-device from asking to "please cancel, I am sorry for being a cheap jerk the inconvenience" and ordered it from here (click me!) for $39 instead of $80! I hope they oblige.

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