Monday, April 11, 2011

Your Old Self

Ever run into someone from your past that leaves you feeling uncomfortable all day? I never have until today. Not for any specific reason and neither acknowledged the other. He saw me and I knew he did. I saw him and he knew I did. We didn't pause, didn't stop, didn't even meet eyes, and kept moving along with our day. It wasn't the person I saw that left me with this feeling of uneasiness. Not nostalgia, not the common "what would have happened if..."-s about it. It was most unpleasant, to say the least, which is the most surprising. Having run into this person didn't bother me. It was the uneasiness I was left with upon seeing him that bothered me more because I don't have a real memory that involves him that would trigger feelings so negative. I remember where I had been working at the time, the friend I met him through, what he did for a living (I think?), I vaguely remember him riding a motorcycle and owning a red bike. Most of that group of friends rode bikes. It was the cool thing then. I don't remember any specific incident involving him. He isn't an ex-boyfriend - had it been, the odd reaction would make some sense - and he wasn't anyone in particular in my life, noone special, just someone I knew briefly who happened to be a friend of a friend of mine at the time. He was a passerby, but all day I've been buzzing with this annoying nervous energy and just a general uncomfortable-ness that I can't even begin to explain or understand. I don't remember having had any feelings - good or bad - for him aside from just knowing him. Not quite friend, but maybe slightly more than acquaintance. I don't remember liking or disliking him to any extreme. He was always nice enough and we may have had some inane conversation over food or drinks in a group setting. He was a passerby. So then, why, you ask? If you can figure it out, can you tell me? I don't know and I have to go do laundry now.
Now the funny news of the day. My friend's husband had his car stolen a few days ago (that's not the funny part, read on). He had his golf clubs in his trunk which made the situation infinitely worse. Just ask any avid golfer. So, over the weekend he gets a call from a precinct telling him his car was found. Turns out the entire car was stripped. They even took his spare tire. What they left, were his entire set of golf clubs - untouched. So the thieves took out the bag of clubs, set it down to get to the spare tire, and placed the clubs back into the trunk. I don't know about you, but I'm still laughing.
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