Wednesday, April 13, 2011


There's no title because I don't have any interesting things to talk about (today) not that any of my days are really all that interesting to anyone else, but myself. Her crazy screaming, kicking, slapping, fighting for an hour every night for sleep-time seems to have passed (for the time being). Now if only my bald spots from pulling my hair out start growing back, that would be super.

We had this kind of day today. How was yours?


  1. She talked to Amy Emo.. she argued with the hippo (hippo right?)LOVE and MISS YOU LEAH!

  2. @Amy wasn't so much arguing with the hippo as it was yelling at him to shut up. hahahaha. another 15 minutes or so after hanging up with you, she finally figured out that he was just copying her where upon she stepped on his face and walked away saying "uh oh"...

  3. LOL! Her uh-oh is so cute! Just thinking about it makes me smile!