Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pretty Dresses

When I was pregnant and found out I was having a little girl, immediately my thoughts flooded with images of a little girl in pink, white, yellow, floral dresses with pigtails and flowers in her hair. The reality was not so much what I had in mind. Until now, anyway. When they are newborns, everything you put on their little body is a dress. Jellybean was born on the smaller side so even her onesies hung off her body like a dress. Then she grew the cheeks and still there was no getting her in a dress because they would constantly ride up her back. In fact, they would get so rumpled after a while that it wasn't even very cute looking. When she started to do the army crawl slithering thing, she would end up mopping up the house with the dress and while I love me a clean home, that wasn't exactly what I had in mind. When she actually started to crawl, if I put her in a dress she would catch the hem with her knee and do a faceplant. It was so funny and sad that I never put her in a dress after that first time. Even when she was learning to waddle around, she would fall a lot and be unable to get up because she would end up sitting on the hem and she'd cry because her weight is holding down the dress and the dress would be holding her down so that didn't work well either. NOW- now is a different story. By golly, I have me the little girl in the pretty pink dress that I had dreamt of while she was doing somersaults in my belly (beating playing the piano and nana and granpapa's house)!


  1. I had a scenario today where we put my son in a brand new, brightly colored polo shirt. It was ADORABLE. Emphasis on the word "was." He's on antibiotics right now and wouldn't you know he spit out that pink sticky stuff ALL OVER his brand new polo.

    I thought to myself, is it really worth having these "dressed up" clothes around when he's just going to get medicine, sweet potatoes, drool, spit up, or poo on them?

    Totally. Because for those five minutes, that shirt looked SO dang cute!

  2. @The New Mom on the Blog oh it's SO totally worth it! (boo to antibiotics! :( I hope he feels better soon!)