Friday, April 15, 2011

You Are My Sunshine!

My days are crazy, never according to plan, sometimes frustrating and other times just really fun. I started to run her ragged, to keep her active. The downside is that in order to keep her active, I have to be the one to chase after her which leaves me running myself ragged. I.AM.POOPED. But our days are full and she's happy. When baby's happy, mommy's happy. Works the other way too. Whatever day one is having, the other is likely to have, and I will say that a happy baby is key to just an all around easy, smiley, laugh-y day. Fewer tantrums means less hair lost, fewer tears means more funny faces, and fewer pouts means more kisses. Warmer weather and more sunshine definitely helps bunches. Look! Jellybean agrees!


  1. omg she has a full set of teeth now! love the pink striped onesie

  2. Seriously.. when did she grow all those teeth???!

  3. @Liana Kim I love pink!

    @Amy I dunno, but it makes me sad. and happy. and sad. and sometimes kinda painful.