Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tunnel Baby

Someone got my brain working and I don't like to make my brain work. It's pretty messy up there as is. My current thought process goes something like this: "does Jellybean need a speech therapist?"; "is she behind?"; "I didn't know the magic number was 6 for 15 month olds. She's almost 16 months and she's only at two and half words! What do I do???". That got me thinking, does sign language count as talking? Does it? Because if it does, then Jellybean's ahead of her game. If it doesn't, I'll be making my next available appointment with a make-baby-talk-specialist. Thanks a lot, New Mom (I jest. I still think you're super cool!). Jumping topics, I was driving through a tunnel heading for the bigger city earlier tonight, and on the way in and out of the tunnel, to and from home, I had this sudden urge to cry (what is it about becoming a mom that make generally emotionless people so... emotional?). Maybe it was the lighting in the dark tunnel that resonated with me as life passing on by. It really does. Every minute you live, you never get that minute you just lived, back. It's gone. Forever. I love watching Jellybean grow and watching her personality bloom, but I'm also incredibly sad that with each step she takes to becoming her own person, a bit of her babyhood is being shed and left behind. This is contradicting because I'm all nuts over her not speaking 6 full words at 16 months now. Before I know it, she'll be telling me "no no no" instead of wagging her finger at me and I'm going to wonder what all the rush was, but it's about reaching milestones people. Next time, I'm taking the bridge. Yes. I'm crazy. Shut up (I'm not the only crazy though, right New Mom? Right? Hello? Damn).


  1. Yes. You're in good company :)

    Tell me when you find the shut off switch for "mommy brain." I'm still looking for mine.

  2. @The New Mom on the Blog don't much think there is one. the off. I think we're stuck in the 'on' position for good.