Monday, April 25, 2011

Turn Around

16 months later, we are finally facing forward. My initial plan was to have her rear-facing until her 2nd birthday because that's what is recommended (or even older) - even though by law, your child need only be a 1 year old or over 20 pounds. Well, we're a little over a half year early and at the 22 pound mark now, but it's mother nature's fault and the carseat manufacturers fault too. I took her out today to run some errands. When I finally got her out of her seat, she was soaking wet in her sweat. I had the A/C blowing full in the car and I was freezing the entire half hour drive out. Enough sweat that had I wrung her onesie, I kid you not, it would've dripped sweat. In hindsight, maybe I should have because now the bottom of my bag has a wet spot, but that's an entirely different issue of the day. It's mother nature's fault because we missed Spring. I mean, Spring just never happened which would've given me an extra few weeks of feeling safe that she was staring at herself in the plastic mirror thing hanging off the headrest and the fault of the carseat manufacturer because the fabric on the seats are so darn heat absorbent. What's a mom supposed to do? Bake her kid in it? Anyway, so there she is. Happy to look out at the world. She looks happy, yes? And because I'm crazy, I drove on the right lane at speed limit because I want her to be safe, ya know? I have to say, it's certainly easier getting her in and out of the seat facing forward. I stuck a binky in her mouth thinking she would be fast asleep after running around all over the place for hours, but no, I just got suckered and couldn't take it back because my short little arms can only reach so far. That binky thing is going to be a battle in itself because her sleep depends on it, but that too, is a different issue. The photo where she's sporting my glasses? Well, that's just cool. If adults were to grow at the same pace as an infant or a toddler, how tall and large would we all average out to be?

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  1. I am so conflicted about this stupid rearfacing carseat thing myself. At TIH's 6 month check up he weighed 20 pounds. He grew out of his baby seat two months ago (He weighs almost 23 lbs already!) So he's currently sitting in a rear facing car seat. And a really nice one at that. But, it's still incredibly uncomfortable for him. He can't get air conditioning back there. He's also very, very long and he isn't far away from being able to kick the back of the seats. I just don't see how it would be possible for us to go another freaking 15 months. To me, it almost seems more dangerous. I feel like the people who are recommending this really aren't thinking everything through. At any rate, the local fire department (who installed the carseat) and our pediatrician (who went to MEDICAL SCHOOL) both have not recommended the 2 year rear facing thing to us, so I'm pretending I never heard about it.

  2. She definitely will enjoy riding in cars a bit more now. I still can't get over the fact that she can understand so much! so adorable wahhh i miss you leah

  3. @The New Mom on the Blog I agree with you. I get the idea and concept and can see why it would be safer but for something that costs upwards of $2-300 and more (we ended up with 3! Because I'm and idiot and also because they're just all stupid. Safe, yes, I'm sure but stupid. You would think they would've made it so it's even possible.